Friday, 29 November 2013

Summer Holidays | Lifestyle

Hello everybody!

Summer holidays are finally here, HOOORRRAAAAYYY! After another grueling year of school and exams and all of that I have two whole months to do whatever I please. Now it probably is winter where you live because apart from Australia and the other islands around it, the rest of the world is enjoying crisp cold mornings and hot drinks. Not that sounds unappealing to me because personally I like winter better than summer BUT that is just my opinion. What about you? Now these summer holidays I personally do not have any plans and I always seem to find myself wasting my young years (If you get that reference then you are one cool cat), so I am asking you yes YOU for suggestions on what to do these summer holidays. I am looking for easy and affordable ideas, and I might even do a blog post about them.

So until next time,


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