Saturday, 2 November 2013

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Hi everybody :) 

I decided to put in a smiley face because I am feeling quite jolly today.

 So recently I have found a great band and I am not sure if you would have heard of them but they are called "London Grammar" and their music is just OHMYGOODNESSS. I quite literally cannot explain how much I love them. I found them about yesterday and I have been OBSESSED. "London Grammar" is a British based trio and their album is so good! It is called "If You Wait". No matter how many exclamation marks I put in this post it will not express how much I love their music. If you have not heard of them I would describe them as a fusion of "Florence and the machine" and "Lana Del Ray". If you click here then it will take you to their official site where you can find their social media's and all of that jazz. If you were wondering what my favourite song on their album is, it is "Hey Now" and I also quite fancy "Wasting My Young Years", however the other songs are also fantastic. I would highly recommend checking them out although I must warn you it will not be everyone's cup of tea! I know this isn't like any of my other posts but I really fell in love with this band and just thought about sharing it with all of you. 

What bands or artists have you been loving recently? 


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