Monday, 23 June 2014


Hi everyone,

Something inspired me to make a post specifically about nerds. Basically it's this quote I found of John Green pretty much summing up the whole "nerd" community.

If you don't know who John Green is, first of all 'HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDERNEATH A ROCK'. Secondly, he is an author, and runs a youtube channel with his brother Hank (check it out here). He has written many books including the infamous "The Fault In Our Stars" which is now a great film. 

Lately I have been thinking about insults a lot. Particularly people who call other people nerds. I myself have been called a "nerd". And so whenever someone calls me that again I finally have a comeback! But, I never considered being called a nerd an insult, it was just a word that described someone and I was okay with that. 

Thinking of nerds got me thinking of insults in general. I mean most insults are not very good. For instance let's go with "lame". Even the word lame isn't that great. It's like saying oh you have a slight lisp. Steven Hawking gets a computer to talk for him and he is doing pretty okay. Never be ashamed of your own intelligence. 

Basically what I am trying to say is that being a nerd is pretty cool. And right now I am just PRAYING that I haven't made spelling or grammar errors in this post! Being who you are should not be classed as a crime. 

Be who you are. 
Be proud of who you are. 


P.S. I'm listening to the Frozen soundtrack for the eight thousandth time (hand up if you know what I'm talking about) and I swear it never gets old. Okay, I'm going now.  

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Obsessions and Absences

Hello Blogesphere,

I sincerely apologize for being long gone for so long. I have to say that school took the better of me and basically held me hostage, with all of that exams and assignments nonsense. The holidays have saved me and so here I am!

Because I have been away for so long I'm just going to be catching up with you guys. So first mater on hand, "the job"; turns out I was fired after about 4 weeks of working. When this happened I wasn't exactly sad as it just was not working out. I was finding it hard to balance school and part-time work as sometimes I would work late hours. So if anything I was relieved. A lot of people when hearing this news asked if I was thinking of reapplying for a job and the answer is a definite no. I applied for work, mostly for experience. Being a "first timer" I had no idea what working was like and so I just wanted to test it out. I didn't really like it and I am totally fine with that :)

On a completely different note I have currently been OBSESSED with Sherlock. I mean I always liked it but I have recently re-watched all of the episodes and cannot wait until season 4 to come out! Ugh just all of the feels and Benedict Cumberbatch S.L.A.Y.S at acting, I envy basically everything about him. Also, I am thinking of doing a weekly or monthly obsessions series type thing, as I always find myself obsessing over things and finding all different types of new items and would absolutely love to share these with you.

Other than that my life has been pretty boring. I mean school has always been there and I still love ice-cream and so basically everything is quite great. What are some of your weekly/monthly obsessions?

Until next time
So long!


Friday, 7 February 2014

A Job

Hello everybody,

I recently have gotten a part time job, and it's kind of a big deal because it's my very first job ever. I was debating over weather or not I should do this blog post, but I figured that a lot of you are around my age and may be looking into getting a part time job yourself. At the end of the day if at least one person benefits from this then I'm happy.

Anyway, I am still currently in my secondary schooling years and so I was worried about weather or not I could balance school with work. I haven't started many shifts, but I chose to only work two days a week. It is proving to not be as fun as I anticipated it to be, but hey it's a lot better than a lot of the jobs out there. I never knew how hard it was to work a till, so I have a lot of respect for those who have to do things like that everyday. I thought I would create a little pro's and con's list of getting a job whilst still in school.


-New experiences
-You no longer have to ask other people for money e.g. parents ext.
-You could save up for a big purchase like a car or save up for Uni
- Meet new people


-You may have to sacrifice going out with your friends because of work
-You have to think more carefully about managing your time
-Your grades might be affected but only if you don't manage your time properly.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while and also that this post is a little short. But I thought I would update you on a piece of my life that is very exciting and new, as I have never experienced anything like it. Do you currently have anything exciting or new happening in your life at the moment, or are you just experiencing some mundane moments? Leave your stories in the comment section below and I will be sure to read them!


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Albums and Artists

Hello little marshmallows, 

Whenever I meet someone new I always wonder what type of music that person is into. I just find it really intriguing. I personally do not have a specific "genre" of music that I only listen to, sometimes I'll listen to rap, alternative, and sometimes just straight up top 40. If I like a song I like a song, if I dislike a song I dislike it. For me it doesn't come down to a specific genre or artist. So I thought today I would tell you guys what artists and albums I love!

London Grammar

I will not go into too much detail about this band as I have already done a blog post on them here that you can check out. However I absolutely adore their album "If You Wait". It's very chill, however I will say the lead singer has a certain edge to her voice that just draws you in when you listen to their music. 

Two Door Cinema Club

I am currently loving the album "Beacon" from this band. The songs are very uplifting and I always feel like just singing and dancing when listening to them. A great album to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon or just when you need to be lifted up. 

Imogen Heap

I love the album "Ellipse" by Imogen Heap. My absolute favourite song from this album is "First Train Home". Again, this is a very chilled album without being too chilled. I mean it you can dance to this album but also just bop your head to. I would recommend this album if you are going on a long car drive :) 

The xx

Whenever I listen to The xx's album "Coexist" I just feel so relaxed. If you are stressed pup in a run a bath, close your eyes and put this album on. All of your worries will just melt away and you can attack your problems relaxed and ready!

The 1975

Okay, can we just take a moment to appreciate how great The 1975 are. I love every single song on their self titled album. I have been listening to their album ever since the beginning of last year and it is still one of my favourite albums to this very day. Words cannot explain how great they are (you'll just have to check them out your self ;)).

The Neighbourhood

There is not really a way to explain this band except they are a little bit eerie and dark however still fun (not too sure if that made sense). The album "I love you" is uh-mazing. They do this really cool black and white style thing with their music videos which I find really interesting and I also really love it. I am not too sure why but I love listening to this album on a low volume when writing essays and doing homework and that sort of stuff. It kind of gets me in the mood without being too overpowering. I know weird, but you know. 

Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Lorde

I also love Beyoncé (I mean who doesn't) all of her albums are just perfection. So I don't really think I need to elaborate on her at all. Also Ariana Grande's album "Yours Truly" is just SO GOOD! I love every single song and the whole album just makes you feel great inside. Last but not least I fee like I have to mention this and that is Lorde's album "Pure Heroin". I cannot explain how much I love this album. But it truly is uh-mazing.  


All of these artists and albums I have loved for a very long time and so since I loved them so much I just thought I would share it with you :). Let me know in the comments below which artists/albums you have loved for a long time. 




Lately you may have noticed a severe lack in beauty and fashion posts. This is because in 2014 I have decided to let go of beauty and fashion related blog posts and write about things I am passionate about, and that I enjoy. However, every now and then I may drop a little fashion or beauty post, but my blog will not be entirely focused on it. If I really really love something I will not hesitate in telling you, no matter weather it is beauty, fashion, or just really random. I would like this to be a place where in a few years, will mean something to me. I hope you guys understand!

- Padfoot

Friday, 10 January 2014

My Thoughts on Feminism

Hello everyone!

I recently watched a Ted talk by a lovely Nigerian lady whose name is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and it was a about feminism (click here to watch). This video really inspired me to write this post. I would say that I myself am a Feminist. Now, now before you all start shouting and groaning saying "ugh not this again" HOLD ON, let me explain a few things first...

Being a feminist doesn't mean I burn bras, or don't shave my underarms, or that I despise men. A feminist (in my opinion) is a man or a woman who believes that the social, political and all other rights of women should be equal to men. Notice that in my definition I said that a man or a woman could be a feminist. I think that this is totally true, you don't have to be a woman to stand up for women rights, however that is the usual cliché. Believe me I love make-up, shopping, getting manicures  and basically all things that would be considered as "girly", nonetheless I still am a huge advocate of equal rights.

Many people say that you should not say aloud you are a feminist as "it will detract men from you". To be quite frank I couldn't care less if a man if a man did not like the idea of a feminist, I wouldn't be interested in him anyway. I don't think many people understand that my sole purpose in life is to simply go to school, attend university, get married, have kids and die. There is so much more.

I am still in the midst of my secondary schooling education. I go to a mixed school (boys and girls) and it simply infuriates me when I am talking about feminism passionately and someone has the audacity to say "calm down" or "stop overreacting". It particularly gets to me when guys say rude things that diminish girls in a completely sexist way and they simply laugh it off. I mean stand up for yourself! In my opinion we should all be feminists.

Like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said herself I am a happy feminist. People see feminists as unhappy women living on their own with a dozen cats (which by the way I wouldn't mind because I love cats). A feminist is someone who stands up for women's rights and there is nothing wrong or "unhappy" about that.

I really encourage you all to watch the talk I mentioned earlier in the post (here). It's funny yet informative, captivating and really captures the essence of a feminist.

We should all be feminists.


Friday, 27 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Hello, Hello, Hello

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you don't celebrate the holiday (like me) I hope you had a great day. Now that the holidays have past us and it isn't long until the new year will be thrust upon us *internally screams*. With this comes new years resolution's. Now let's be honest, do you really keep your new year resolutions's?? I know I don't but this coming year I intend to. New year's resolutions can be a very personal thing and is very dependent on the life you live, your aspirations, dreams ext. However I thought I would share some of my new year's resolutions with you. I personally love posts like this as it gives me ideas of what I would like to achieve, however sometimes I just like being nosy!

Be nice

When I discuss things that I am very passionate about I tend to get a little too excited, and sometimes don't take into account that the other person's feelings and the amount of information they know about the topic. It's always been a little bit of a problem and so this year I am willing to conquer it.

Stop obsessing over the little things 

In certain situations I can be a little bit of a perfectionist, and if something needs to be changed or fixed I tend to obsess over it until it is fixed. However sometimes there are things that you just can't control. A big one that I tend to obsess over is time, you can't control time, so if you can't control it why obsess and get upset?!

Drink more water

Sometimes I tend to drink a lot of water however other times I drink very little water. It's not very good for my health and I just would like to feel hydrated (all the time) !

Procrastinate less

The key word here is "less". I know myself well enough to know that I will always procrastinate no matter what, however I can reduce the amount of procrastinating I do. Especially for 2014 as I am entering some of the higher years in high school where your basically choosing your future WHICH IS SO INCREDIBLY SCARY. Anyway, I am usually pretty good when it comes to studying however I am aiming to better some of my grades and if that is going to happen then action needs to be put in place.


Alrighty, so those are the things I will be trying to do in the new year. It's so exciting, I mean just think in a couple of days we will be in a whole new year. It's a time to start fresh and just think a whole new year is coming! Do you have any new years resolutions? Have you kept the ones you made for 2013?

I hope you enjoy the rest of 2013 and until next year,