Friday, 4 October 2013

Macadamia Oil Review | Beauty

Hi there!

So first of all how are you all? Today I would like y'all (I just had to use that word) about a hair product that has changed the way my hair looks, feels, and smells. It is the much raved about Macadamia Oil.  

The reason why my macadamia oil is in a jar is because I dropped the original bottle and had to frantically put all of it in a sterilized jar (it was actually quite terrifying). Macadamia Oil actually looks like this (this is the bottle I originally purchased): 

Sorry for the blurred image but it was the only one I could find!

This is quite expensive I bought it for about 50-60 dollars at my local hairdressers. However in my opinion it is quite worth the money. My hair is naturally curly and with that also comes frizziness and harshness. It is quite hard to find a product that will tame my crazy curls and define my curls instead of having a layer of frizz. And I am happy to announce that this is in fact the product. It has lasted me quite a long time as I bought it about 5 months ago and still have quite a lot. 

This product really does tame your hair and after applying it I found my hair noticeably softer. I will usually apply this after showering and I also pair this with a leave in conditioner. This product smells absolutely amazing. It is spicy with hints of sweetness, it is also very musky. When applied to the hair the smell is not at all strong but very subtle.

This product is a great investment especially if you want to tame your hair :) 


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