Sunday, 6 October 2013

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Hello to all of my fellow blog reading people,

I myself am a little bit of a Harry Potter fanatic (who am I kidding I LOVE Harry Potter). I just love to be engrossed in a book. To be engrossed so much that you forget about the outside world. And I am no way ashamed of the fact that I love Harry Potter, and that my life long dream is to meet J.K Rowling (or become a cat). However it does leave me with the label as a little bit of a nerd/geek. I however am totally fine with this.  

I extremely love reading books. But it's the argument of "which one is better books or movies" that kind of bugs me a little. To be perfectly honest I love both. When watching a film their are great camera angles and sets. The acting is brilliant (sometimes), and in order for the production to be of exceptional quality many people are involved. Now don't get me wrong films are great but there is just something about books that I love. 

So what are the pros about books you may ask. Well, the exhilaration of turning a page and seeing what will happen next and the touch of paper between your fingers is just heavenly. When reading a book you are allowed to let your imagination run wild which is just magnificent. As you grow older the chance to use your imagination lessens and it's quite depressing really. When reading books the moment that I love (and also hate) is turning the last page of the book. This is the finale, you have been reading all for this moment and now it is finished. You are glad that it's over, but you are also sad you never wanted it to end! 

This is when "the book hangover" comes into play. This is when you have just finished reading an exceptional book and you just can't stop thinking about it. You mope around the house thinking about "what if she didn't die" or "I wish it ended differently" but you just have to accept the fact that it is over. The heart-racing moments are finished and you slowly move on to a new book hoping it will be as great as the last one. 

So maybe next time someone says "how can you like books over films" just tell them all of these points and they might be converted. Then again everyone is different for instance some people like Lord of the Rings whilst others (like me) would much rather Harry Potter.


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