Saturday, 20 July 2013

School, School and more SCHOOL

Hi guys,  

Where I live a new term has started, and after a three week holiday, I am just not in the mood ( I am still in tumblr mode). But it does give me an opportunity to talk about school a little bit more.
My face when school starts. 

The things that really stress me out is EXAMS and assignments.

School can be a stressful, embarrassing, event-full, memorable, sad, and happy place. I think that what makes school bearable is your friends.

 I also think that when I eventually leave school I will want to do nothing but go back. Because when you think about it, when you are at school you don't have to do a lot of thinking. All of your lessons are planned out, for instance in Math when you will learn Pythagoras theorem is all planned out. And the time and place for an exam is already set up for you. What you will be eating for lunch is in your bag. So school isn't that bad of a place.

Weather you do or don't go too school just enjoy what you have because if you spend the whole experience being grumpy, you will look back on it and regret it. Try to have no regrets. -ME


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