Saturday, 29 June 2013

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Hi guys, 

Today was officially a lazy day. But wait I do have an excuse for my lack of proactivness!

I purchased this book 
The fault in our stars by John Green. 

Although this book has been raved about time and time again, I am going to rave about it some more. This book is what made me stay in bed and just, read. 

It is humorous yet captivating and bold. I literally could not put it down (so that must mean something, right)! 

Sometimes I think that it is just utterly wonderful to have a lazy day. Pop on your most laziest outfit, put the kettle on and just get engrossed into a good ol' book, or you could just use tumblr. With most of our lives being so busy it's important to once in a while have some down time, and to embrace that inner nerd of yours that has been hiding for some time. 


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