Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Obsessions and Absences

Hello Blogesphere,

I sincerely apologize for being long gone for so long. I have to say that school took the better of me and basically held me hostage, with all of that exams and assignments nonsense. The holidays have saved me and so here I am!

Because I have been away for so long I'm just going to be catching up with you guys. So first mater on hand, "the job"; turns out I was fired after about 4 weeks of working. When this happened I wasn't exactly sad as it just was not working out. I was finding it hard to balance school and part-time work as sometimes I would work late hours. So if anything I was relieved. A lot of people when hearing this news asked if I was thinking of reapplying for a job and the answer is a definite no. I applied for work, mostly for experience. Being a "first timer" I had no idea what working was like and so I just wanted to test it out. I didn't really like it and I am totally fine with that :)

On a completely different note I have currently been OBSESSED with Sherlock. I mean I always liked it but I have recently re-watched all of the episodes and cannot wait until season 4 to come out! Ugh just all of the feels and Benedict Cumberbatch S.L.A.Y.S at acting, I envy basically everything about him. Also, I am thinking of doing a weekly or monthly obsessions series type thing, as I always find myself obsessing over things and finding all different types of new items and would absolutely love to share these with you.

Other than that my life has been pretty boring. I mean school has always been there and I still love ice-cream and so basically everything is quite great. What are some of your weekly/monthly obsessions?

Until next time
So long!


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